47 thoughts on “the big joshi

  1. He he !!!!

    That’s what I love you for !!!

    Glad for Atul and I am wondering how did he feel when you were sleeping through the stories πŸ˜›

    hehe… fantastic !

  2. “In Sem 2 we were going around” well well well???!!! I have documented evidence that you blamed me for flirting with women whose names start with K in Sem 2.
    Talk about sensationalizm. I have documented evidence in Sem 8, you wrote this in my personal Diary before i went off to Italy: “Atul Joshi- Who will listen to me so indulgently when you are gone? Sigh!”
    Looks like you were the one who was doing all the talking later while I hogged the mouse eh?? πŸ˜› Talk about twisted facts and media gossip!
    I thought Inktales documented facts! Man! How some people twist history and write it all wrong! πŸ˜€

  3. atul – well i deleted some frames in the middle, wasnt sure how they fit in the story! but i let you have the last word in the last frame didn’t i?

  4. viv says:

    WOw sU ! Thats awesome,
    though going around with him for a week is a bit much I think. It would be quiet a Ghoulish experience. Did you know about the train trip back from Trivandrum to Mumbai after the week with the masters in 99, where he says”guys, Im going to crash out
    for a bit!’Just before the train started. He woke up straight at VT station after 36 hours! Luckily all the
    Co Passengers were spared the trauma of
    free Gyan thru that trip! πŸ™‚

  5. That trivendrum trip was too funny. And to prove that I was awake through out I will narrate Facts As They Happened.
    1) Gautam Singh had a cold and he carried a only towel that he used as a snot rag, bathing towel, Hema used it to wipe her makeup and Gautam used it as a biological weapon to spread his virus around the trian to all the little mallu kids.
    2) We had 50 rounds of Medhu Wada and got halted on Tadpatri Station because of a communist strike. Sunandini had to offer her Bengali communist contacts and somnath sengupta’s name to defuse the situation.
    3) Hema carried 3 large suitcases, one full of clothes, another full of swimsuits and a third full of cosmetics. Let me remind you, it was a 5 day trip only, with not chance to swim anywhere. Hema had an ‘unnatural’ attraction towards Bill Plimpton and had ‘plans.
    4) Hema had to run behind chug-away trains with facewash and cosmetics on her face. She used to get off the train every 2 hours, as soon as a station arrived to take care of her “delicate skin”. An old, fat, hairy mallu man died with cardiac arrest when he saw Hema with white-green shiny cream on her face at night in the trian. He thought it was his grand mother’s ghost. He was survived by a wife and 3 little mallu kids. The 3 little mallu kids died after being infected with Gautam’s virus, and the wife fell in love with Gautam. Everyhting was very tragic and surreal.
    5) Hema got off the Trivendrum station and 25 mallu men approached us with a name plate “Haymmaa” and saying exactly the same word very loudly. Thus Hema got rechristened as Hay-maa!
    All this documentation goes to prove I was well awake and never uttered the words “I will crash out” as gossiped by some tabloids.

  6. well… Suu, you are well connected. You dont have to be there-there to do these things.
    Tumi Gacher Pata, Tumi Zhikir Mikir. Amaki Chomke dao, chomke dao, dao, dao.. daooo….. daoooooo!!!

  7. Who is this anonymous person? Web stalkers freak me out man.
    It’s like people listening to your phone conversation while traveling in a mumbai local.

  8. Su says:

    Hahahahahah… just love inktales, hope by the time my kids can read, you will have Inktales like Haanda-Bhonda / Nonte-Phonte series!
    Atul, I am really impressed with your Jhikir mikir song!! Miss you both!!

  9. Atul – Gautam’s trivandrum story reminded me of the time in first year when you and Tuttu slept for 48 hours at a stretch and got up after 2 whole days?? so i’m sure you slept through the train ride to Trivandrum!

  10. viv says:

    Atul> the WHOLE world already knows of the Trivandrum stories since Gautam Singh has not been able to shut his trap about it since then! so, you dont prove a thing by quoting the already-known … but nice try :)…
    All> Please notice that in Atul’s account there is NO record of atul doing anything!!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Cool stuff, really awesome. I am quite amazed with the kind of simplicity that the drawings ooze.yet an another masterpiece.

  12. sharat chandra parsa says:

    Cool stuff, really awesome. I am quite amazed with the kind of simplicity that the drawings ooze.yet an another masterpiece.

  13. Anonymous says:

    So Atul, do you have a blog too? Would love to eavesdrop on yr Official Piece on Sunandini, and freak you out in my role as web stalker…I see you have a website…

  14. Anonymous says:

    hahaha i agree with gautam. going around with atul even for a day is too much.
    i once went with him in the train and he insisted on singing songs that he didnt know the lyrics to and expected me to fill in the blanks !!!!

  15. zainab says:

    i’m the anonymous who agrees with gautam. And if i tell you which song he wanted me to fill in the blanks for, you’ll be in splits

  16. Zainab, I thought you were too busy riding elephants in Trivendrum (and crushing them) to remember anyhting! πŸ™‚ hahaha !
    How have you been poonawalee?

  17. Guys this is hilarious. Sunandini you are a genius and Atul Joshi your account of the train journey was too funny. This blog needs to be published as a book.

  18. Megha- yes, i do remember you.
    what are you up to lately?
    Prash- first it was cuppa, seem to have reconverted to the ‘cutting’ eh? Nice site man! very intereswting stuff.
    Sunanda- Wow! you are a walking brand. How does it feel when someone says, mmm shall i wear a gucci or a sunanda today for the party? πŸ™‚ great going in seine deustchland!
    Toinks- what does it exactly mean? Who are you? What are you? Why are you?
    Rukminee Potter- Hows it going? Where are you going? Why are you going?

  19. viv says:

    bonu> Watchin’ mah weight honey!!
    soo> y’know whose comments(read : evidence) are missing on this post… the HEMA of Nazareth!

  20. zainab says:

    Atul!! i dont know what on earth you’re talking about?? is this just a counter attack to divert the attention from what i said? I live and have always lived in bombay (after poona) been here since 8 years

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  22. d says:

    whoa!!!..one of the best pieces i have read so far…soo awesome , u do need funny samples like atul for entertainment !!!

  23. aaaah hahahahaaaa!!!!
    that really made me miss atul. i remember when him and parsa first made an appearance in the BBC one night towards the end of our foundy year and demanded we “interact” with them

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