About Soo

Soo is a storyteller and designer, trapped in an eternal quest to find her elusive sense of humour. She lives for mortality and looks forward to her old age.

Previously Design Manager for Document Cloud in Adobe, and Principal Design Manager for Microsoft Edge at Microsoft, she now leads a design team at Atlassian in India.

She can also be found on Twitter and Instagram @soosixty.

41 thoughts on “About Soo

  1. Qaiser Khan says:

    Hi! I am student and in process of learning usability evaluation methods. I did not find your email address so posting it here. I will be really great if you could refer/guide me about how to conduct a task analysis and especially the HTA. My email is kqaiser@hotmail.com


  2. Sri says:

    Didn’t know you had already illustrated some book(s).. WoW. I am sure they’d be great. Would pick it up. (If Ita doesn’t read I can πŸ˜€ )


  3. Indira Bisht says:

    Hey Soo! I m your Whacko hubby’s friend. Love the blog!

    Am passing the link around to all friends & fanatics who I think will like it.



  4. zo says:

    Hi Inktales

    Your blog’s interesting! I got the link from Indian bloggers group in Facebook . Why don’t you use sharing widget like Tell-a-Friend which is one of the best WOMM tools at present ? Its features are versatile, it being the latest of its kind . It’s worth a try : )

    Here’s the link :



  5. @rataturtle: nothing special, i don’t use a ball point pen, but mostly everything else. and paper, most of the time some general printer A4. and I don’t have a scanner at the moment 😦


  6. Anonymous says:

    Hey, found the link to your blog from Tinky Toinkers. Totally loveyour humor and your work. Am in complete awe of someone who can be soooo creative!


  7. Kuttishee moni
    Nothing that you have drawn quite beats the year 2002 poem.Every kid should read it and get inspired by it. I would make it the text book if I had my way. I am dying for Kin2 to read it and understand it.


  8. Jeanne says:


    Your drawings have inspired me to start my own drawing journal this year. I’m 21 now and it’s time to start a new chapter. All my old journals are full of negative things, I never write about happy or contemplative things. Thats why I’m going to start an illustration book full of positive things! Thank you for the inspiration, I’m dedicating the first page to you!

    Hope your doing well in sweden πŸ™‚


  9. Delightful work. Spent most of yesterday going through the blog. Woke up today with my mind full of your sketches and the tag words at the bottom of this page. Needless to say, I returned, and will keep coming back for your next picture post. Carry on Soo πŸ™‚


  10. sudipto says:

    your labella sketches brought back huge flashes from the past. I used to frequent it around 25 years back


  11. Anjali Nayar says:

    Hi Soo! Awesome drawings! they’re so funny, and especially because I know you and Vivek it’s such fun to see the caricatures you make of the both of you, and the expressions and dialogue, and the sense of humour and timing.. it’s really very nice and im glad i read vivek’s post on FB… i’ll be coming back for more for sure!


  12. Siddhartha Ghosh says:

    I was introduced to inktales by Aditi,amd thanks to her I can find something to cheer about after a hard days work.fantastic. BabI mama


  13. Shruti says:

    Hi Sunandini,

    I recently joined HFI and was speaking with Rasika when she mentioned your blog and illustrations. I had a look at it and realized I had seen it before and admired your work a lot.

    Thank you for the inspiration!


  14. somaditya banerjee says:

    i enjoy your work and visit your page whenever i find some time…this link was forwarded to me by a friend of mine…


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