18 thoughts on “Delhi disillusions…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Imagine delhi hosting the commonwealth games in 2010 with *this* kind of infrastructure. I cant imagine the disgrace it will bring!

    Disillusionment reigns supreme 😐



  2. burf says:

    may all eve teasers be hanged till death

    about other things, there would be enough reasons for not holding CW Games anywhere in India


  3. jedi says:

    hmm. maybe. though if most mughals had their way, the capital would have been Agra.
    the brits made it the capital, after cal that is.

    as far as the CW games are concerned; the reason such events are undertaken is that infrastructure and tourism and other such things automatically get a boost. how it works out will be a different issue, but atleast there is a start.


  4. Yogesh says:

    I am still trying to get hold of your blog… its one of a kind that i have come acorss (or blame it to my ignorance)… but great stuff.


  5. jedi says:

    @soo: not really. most times it was the guy who was planning of overthrowing the current one in agra, who went and settled in delhi and fought.

    well. rev up the time machine. we’ll go check!


  6. jedi says:

    @soo: noooo. when i think of the taj mahal, all i can see is hordes of bleeding stumps of arms. then the blood drips together and flows into the yamuna. and then the baby on the moon bites the mom’s breasts and the moon turns red.



  7. T says:

    DOs and DONTs:

    @burf: please do not mete out such frightful punishment to eve teasers!! what then are you going to do with rapists and child molesters and torturers-who-rip-the-skin-off-peoples’-backs-and-apply-electrodes-to-the-bare-flesh-in-the-name-of-state-and-God??

    @alisha chau: do give me your number. i find angst cute too. do remember to call deeps

    @soo: do keep them coming…all those things that’ll go into the ‘best of soo’ anthology, published in 2011

    @jedi: don’t be sad, they only lost their thumbs


  8. ValGalArt says:

    your ink-filled observations are funny and wonderful! Your blog is a delight! in answer to your question I airbrush and paint by hand, I wish I did create via computer sometimes but I love to paint.


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