A place with magic


And I think this is true for most of us, including non-designers.


Unbox Conference Day 1, 2

Day1, 1, Sketches

The Panel on Brands.

Reinvigorating Crafts


The Unbox Conference 2012

Marije Vogelzang

Adarsh Kumar

MP Ranjan

Beetle & Flor



Life, NID

Life in the Grief Books, 2

So among other things, we also managed to learn some stuff and do some work. Here I’m working on my diploma films, a communication design project about social harmony in the aftermath of the Gujarat riots. (Films are here and here).


Trying to break through a block during the same project.


and the perpetual problem of running out of time.

NID, sketchbook

Life in the Grief Books

When I look at these sketchbooks now I can hardly recognize myself – which is probably a good thing! And I drew quite a bit in my last year at NID, so it was rather well documented. Here are some of the usual things we did in those days:

Walk in the backfields

Spend Sunday afternoons in the animation studio

Watch life-altering films

Hang out on the lawn

Agonize over nothing, really…

NID, sketchbook

Sketchbook, Diploma Project

Leaving NIDMumbai Sketchbook 2002

Well, it was rather stressful. And a bad hairdo didn’t help. (Though I thought it would). The effects of the Ladakh trip had worn off. The characters of my diploma films came to haunt me every night…

as I struggled with drawing, inking and animation.

So I was always in a blue funk.

and then the brown boy (who was then just another guy) was always giving useless pieces of advice.


USID2010 day 3

Day 3 began with a talk by Prof MP Ranjan, who taught us at NID, on Socio-cultural public interfaces:

Other speakers on day 3 were Sree Unnikrishnan of Google India (Act local, imp-act global) and Asim Waqif, artist and faculty at School of Planning & Architecture, SPA (Isolation of the user from contemporary design practice).