Back again

I never left drawing, but I did find it difficult to share drawings after my pregnancy. Not sure where that came from. Was it a loss of self, a disconnect from the past, a need for solitude?

Perhaps I’ll never know for sure. But here’s the latest sketchbook:

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“There’s always resurrection after tragedy”

There’s a constant tussle between the anteater and me – he with his Stoic outlook in life and me with my existential angst. But then again, he has answers for every situation in life – which can be useful if you’re not given to much reflection.

So people like me, seek out the one with the answers – there’s time yet for the ones with questions.


Title by Maira Kalman from a Creative Mornings talk.

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Wake up and snooze

Like most people I wake up to the alarm set on my phone. And like most people, I want to press the snooze button and go back to sleep.

And therein lies the twist – have you ever found the snooze button on the iPhone? Exactly. There is no snooze button! Instead there’s a snooze gesture – which is a task for your sleep-addled brain to remember.

Anyway now I use the clock on my Android phone instead.


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The slow art of bookmaking

If you’re so inclined, here’s a review of Zones of Privacy by Alisha Sett that appeared in the Hindu the other day.


Photo from The Hindu

Here’s what she writes about my books (from 2003, 2009 and 2016):

A contrasting experience of honesty can be found in the ironic tone and self-reflexive journals of Sunandini Basu piled up on the centre table of the exhibition. An animation designer for 15 years, she had to sift through 96 journals to make her selection for the show. For Basu, journaling is a process of making life. She shared with us that through these “letters for her future self” she “often remember(s) forgotten wishes and goals or events” that shaped her. It’s delightful to stroll through the worries and victories of her daily life. One can trace the arc of the conversation the young designer has had with herself over the years and feel like a confidential encounter has taken place.