16 thoughts on “Crocodiles

  1. Soo says:

    Thanks all 🙂
    Lusi > it’s done with Photoshop! I wish I could do those great watercolors like you, though!


  2. lusi says:

    i like them a lot. Are they for a story? Many times i recommend illustrators at my blog.
    The title of the post in which i make recommendations has an “*”. And there is a link to the artist´s web in the text.

    Is a little help in english 😉 for you.

    i recommend you to visit “www.cosodeilustradores.blogspot.com”. It is a blog for children book´s illustrators. On monday there is a topic, and the illustrators post one illo about it. Maybe you want to participate 😉


  3. kookiejar says:

    Hey….. these are really beautiful…. very sweet character design n nice way to colour them!
    Water colour is very tough…. but it’s good fun once u get the hang of it…… n u hope the accidents are ahppy alwayz!!
    Btw the debate about sad n poor great artists n non existent of happy artists is still on….. will get back on that very soon! 😉


  4. jedi says:

    why is the baby croc holding the teddy bear? close to its stomach?
    is it planning to eat it?

    or is it a stereotype that baby crocs will also have playthings like hosapien babies?


  5. Soo says:

    Jedi > in answer to your existential question…thats the last teddy left to eat, onc the crocodile wakes up he will eat it. he’s holding it close to his chest so that the other crocs dont get it.
    Kookiejar > yes we’ll continue offline, come have a beer in our house. 😀


  6. Geb says:

    Wowww… These characters are sooo Greatt!… I like how versatil you are! (and sorry for my awful english)


  7. Diaadia says:

    Wat a beautiful drawings!!
    And this cocodril sliping whit a littel bear…
    I don t no als you anderstand my english, its no good…


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