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  1. kookiejar says:

    ha ha…… very nice….

    Btw….. the watercolour was actually hand painted…… used Photoshop for colourizing (used black ink) n better contrast….. n also i kind of ruined it :p

    Sadness brings out great art…. Happiness brings greater…. i think that way…..


  2. Soo says:

    Do you know any great painter who was happy? They were all sad and poor. I think being happy just shield you from strong feelings…


  3. motheater says:

    verrry sweet 🙂 made me n shankar smile!
    ps. why have you disabled anonymous comments?? I had to use my long-dead ID!


  4. lusi says:

    hi, soo.
    i saw the comment that you posted at my blog, so i came here . The illo that you liked was done by Gerardo Baró. He is a great illustrator from Argentina. His blog is : baroscofo.blogspot.com, and his web: http://www.gerardobaro.com.ar.

    I´m pretty bad writing in english but you can laugh if i make mistakes. jejejej

    I´m going to watch what you have here 😉 bye!


  5. çläu says:

    HI SOO!
    Really happy with your visit to my blog, because I can know you!!!
    I’ve to tell you that from the begining you have good points.
    I’m a huge fun of Jim Henson !
    Love your illos and your comments
    I look forward to see what’s next.


  6. lusi says:

    😀 soo: thanks for adding me to your list, i´m going to link your blog too. You´re from India! How interesting! sorry that my blog is in spanish. I´m ejoying your pictures but also your words. That cover is the “funniest”, ja!


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