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why skype isn’t enough!



28 thoughts on “why skype isn’t enough!

  1. jedi says:

    want a follow up post.
    flashback to when u got admission. what had u thot in head this would be like.. constraints, weshallovercome devices, promises made etc. u have 2 days.

  2. haha phantom vs obelix vs asterix?? (i meant asterix = asterix & obelix, so i guess asterix > phantom!!)
    jedi > virtual spanking?? that’s no fun at all 😉

  3. New order of supremacy :
    VITALSTATISTIX > Obelix > Phantom > Asterix

    Soo…Asterix does not = Asterix+Obelix!!
    Am talking about characters here…I shd are half asleep 😀

  4. jedi says:

    i’m glad. its the honorable thing. rather than ran away and come back after 5 years and peep inside ppl’s! houses.

    who is better? chacha C and Saboo
    OR asterix and obelix

  5. jedi > how can you compare? i hate the drawings of CC.
    viv > yes you get the last word (this time!)
    zainab > working on it!
    shilpa > hi! yes, you noticed? have to keep vivek happy, na 😉

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