23 thoughts on “Jamalpur

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  2. Jonak says:

    What utter torture you made me go through! Realised I havent been to Jamalpur for 6 loooooong years !!! 😦 😦 😦
    Sekhar is the only one blessed person to experience this regularly even now.
    I have actually considered taking up a project in NID just because of Jamalpur and La Bella


  3. @jonak, kundu: i wish i could go to jamalpur now! but you guys should make a trip there!
    @viv: always having your cake and eating it too, huh?
    @megha: thanks πŸ™‚ everyone has so many memories of these places and events, i’m feeling i haven’t done justice to all this!


  4. Is that sekhar? HA!!!

    I’ve been following your work for a long time… and i absolutely love what you do… I can imagine what the food must’ve been like back then… i’ve heard about the mouse in the pickle story too… its still doing the round, but everyone is connecting it with the present mess management… food is tolerable… and non veg every sunday (eggs once a week in between and everyday for breakfast πŸ™‚ but still, jamalpur is a must even with improved quality of the mess… πŸ˜€

    Best of luck with your work and happy holidays… πŸ˜€


  5. @anish: yes, it is sekhar in the old days…though he seems to grow younger every time i meet him!
    @zainab: and sometimes it didn’t even taste like chicken!


  6. utkarsh chandola says:

    wondered how the msg landed but the name of munna (inthekhab)was just enough…hope u guys still relish that after taste as i still do.
    wishing all the best in life and a happy year end too..uc


  7. Su says:

    Viv, I am serious about the food-re-union at NID! Let’s make it a quarterly/half-yearly event, so, if you miss one (like, I will miss the Feb one)… you can make it to the next one! We can find someone to take care of the stay/bookings etc… 2-3 days of fun, food, photography, shopping, adda… ki moja!
    Soo… sooperb!
    Waiting for more… C-hostel stories, Chai-Time stories, Social Interaction Memories, Party stories, Aditi stories, Helping-set-up-Pre-dip nights, Odd-NID-romance stories…


  8. I love your blog!Its amazing how effortlessly you pen down everything in your life…and all about NID mess is sooo applicable even now because it hasn’t seemed to change much now too!
    Lovely loverly lurrrvely!!!


  9. Priyankar says:

    Uff..its just too much…eto raate eta ki money karali….intequab er tikki….its heaven and equally sinful…sekhar is the blessed one to cherish that still now.


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