28 thoughts on “Mess Food

  1. viv says:

    If he is reading this blog today: “Pappubhai tamaro cooking badhoo saras chhe!”
    Did you guys forget the ‘chicken’ on sundays!!??…(though it wuz actually ‘sparrow’)hehehehe!!!


  2. @Saad: haha, i always hated manchurian! now i know what really goes into it!
    @Viv: don’t I know that you and anirban were the only 2 fans of Pappu bhai’s food? always disappearing with the entire column of rotis!
    @ananya: yes, it’s sush & tina and that’s meant to be sundar not sharon! do you remember how different sundar looked in first year? and yes, you got rahuldas too πŸ™‚
    @cecilia: welcome to inktales!


  3. Great Blog; was always a fan of Soo’s pic-tales.
    However I am utterly greatful to Pappu bhai who pushed me to find solace with LaBella auntie, Intkaab bhai and Irfaan andawala bhai; and life was never the same again… how I miss them all now..


  4. Joshi says:

    I wish to congratulate Pappu Bhai for awarding me the ‘thinnest-look’ period of my life. I miss him, and his subtle art that helped me give up on food, no matter how deep fried it was.


  5. Sri says:

    Could this Pappu dance saala?

    My college canteen served samosas the size of which were quite close to a Ferro-Rocher choclate piece… only the taste was hmmmmm nothing to speak about..


  6. viv says:

    Jonak> you are right! it was just because of him we understood what they meant by ‘exploration’……. in food atleast!!
    Atul> What thinnest look?? πŸ˜€


  7. @src: welcome! and i hope you will keep visiting! after all your comments about me always eating, NID was one place where i didn’t eat that much πŸ˜›
    @jonak: you just reminded me of those good times!
    @joshi: WHEN were you ever thin? you must have confused your reflection with tuttu’s!
    @chethana: now i have to do a sushil bhai post!
    @divya: welcome! do you remember the sanjha chulha woman? zainab has a story about her!
    @sri: haha you got it! thats a new joke!


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