A book’s tours

Paris Cafe: The Select Crowd, by Noel Riley Fitch
The artist Rick Tulka
Le Select
{Drawings used from the book p/35 and p/67}


10 thoughts on “A book’s tours

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  2. katigoesmalmoe says:

    Oh Soo, what a lovely story… Thanks for that. It makes me smile. Hope you are well and maybe, next time you are going to that cafe, you will meet the artist and you should bring him this little story 😉


  3. @Katiegoesmalmoe Thank you Katrin! That is such a nice thought 🙂
    @Liz Hahaha I think he has, though he will deny it! We miss you!


  4. lekhabhargavi says:

    there’s nothing like nostalgia in pictures. I seem to repeat myself – but you are a brilliant storyteller..I was trying to remember whether we found this book in the cat bookstore in fremont (ophelias’s) or elliott bay. and remember the book on herge you found? 🙂 that still makes me salivate.


  5. Lekha this was in Elliot Bay – it still has the Elliot Bay bookmark inside. That Herge book was in Ophelia’s. I just love that time – lots of fun and some dark bits too 🙂


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