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Welcome to inktales

In May 2018 this blog inktales completed 12 years. That’s a really long relationship in my life, second only to the brown boy! At 10 years I found that I had nearly 120 sketchbooks – those have contributed to nearly 600 posts, despite the ebb and flow of sharing. And after a gap of nearly 3 years, I’ve started posting again a few weeks ago.

For new friends and new visitors, here’s a list of my favorite posts over the years:

About inktales


A guide to inktales

Zones of privacy and The slow art of bookmaking

The brown boy and how we got together


The story of us

Living in Mumbai 1: First attempts & Living in Mumbai 2: The designer’s solution to all problems

The hero complains

False Representation & Epilogue

My year of spirituality


My friend the anteater

In which I try

Creative Block 2

Anteater wisdom

Conversation – part 9


My family

Losing sweets

A fish tale

The Mumbai chronicles

Our labor story

Studying in Sweden


Things I miss about home

Leaving | Leaving the film

Food & Travel


A divine collision | What happened in Dharmsala

The brown boy in Paris

A book’s tours | In which a book I bought in Seattle sends us to Paris

Soapbox wisdom


Parenting and your sense of self


Metaphysical | Deconstructing feelings and change

Paris, not me | Thoughts on romantic love

Being happy

Alternative careers

Some more


The body rebels

Always answer the phone

Dog on Friday

Unwelcome visitor

Getting where we’re going | Living everyday

Not drawing

Holiday Journal 2 | How drawing saves me


Girl, one, Pacificleo, love

The Big Joshi

The one and only Parsa

Fan, one and only


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