First attempts

When we moved into our first house, years ago in Bandra, we were not at all practical. But we had fun and we were happy.

We didn’t have a TV so it was good that Vivek was so entertaining…

and we made do, like typical college students, living out of cartons and re-using & recycling things. Our house was on the top floor of a block of flats, and we took it because it had lovely light and big windows…and no kitchen (didn’t I say, we were not practical). Oh and the ceiling was beautiful, with wooden rafters…

but we had forgotten all about the Mumbai monsoon…until it hit us!


14 thoughts on “First attempts

  1. jedi says:

    times when money was less but still low on our priorities. when leaky walls were funny and not a fuckup of the society and building contractor and general poor quality of life and just look at america, i must get a job there..



  2. shreos roychowdhury says:

    এক একটি ছবি সহস্র শব্দ বাহক … কে যেন বলেছেন । অতি সত্য কথা ।


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