20 thoughts on “A guide to inktales

  1. Bala says:

    This is very nice Soo.

    Introspection is good. I am on to it ,too these days. Digging deep but have found nothing so far..



  2. devingel says:

    Sweetie, I like the text intermingled with the artwork better. More typographical experimentation. Also when you’re concentrating on reading the words, you tend to miss the picture…Want the words in drawing backkkkkkkk!!!!!!


  3. watsina name says:

    😀 My dear auteur friend – honest confession:
    Every time I have a thought that I think needs to be in a future book that I write, it’s instantly followed by a caricature sketch flash in my head. And much as I try to make them stick figures in my head – they end up being Soo-sy. Love ur sketches – and your inimitable text-in-pics style. Congratulations on the upcoming turn-of-page moments. Hugs.


  4. @Bala: You need someone else to look, I say…
    @Ekta: Thanks, coming right up!
    @Deez: You MADE my day! We really should begin working on our collaborative thing!


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