37 thoughts on “Things I miss about home

  1. Monika, Prshant > I’ll find out what is wrong with the comments. AFAIK, anyone can post comments, anyone can see anything. and I never watched the saas-bahu serials anyway!
    Anonymous > I brought my spices with me!


  2. monika > people are different! and you saw the post called “something”? that was about missing viv!
    Anonymous > no its not the rotring, i forgot to carry it.
    nachiketa > yes there are! i just have to spend the money and buy one!


  3. i know how you feel i felt the same 7 years back when i moved here and still do
    its strange no?people dont toast here,the first thing i bought was a big toaster.


  4. megha > yes i know! one of my new swedish friends is donating me her old toaster after reading this πŸ™‚
    jedi > it’s amitabh bachchan, vamp and heroine.


  5. anweshaa says:

    ur cousin Kamolika (she’s my colleague at work) introduced me to ur absolutely wonderful Blog – believe me its my sunshine when i m low….:)

    my sketches are absolutely WOW!! hope to see u publish them sometime soon …:)


  6. prashant – no, i don’t miss banofee pie, πŸ™‚
    inklets – i don’t like delhi’s paani poori anyway. i always miss the phuchka that i used to have in Calcutta.
    kp – thanks for visiting!
    anweshaa – thanks and welcome! and no, i don’t think anyone’s interested in publishing them 😦
    ms. shammi kebab – not muri either – surprising what little i really miss! miss people the most i think. you guys and my friends…


  7. toinks says:

    πŸ™‚ neat. you know what i miss the mostest when i am at my lowest? the bleddy nonsense dishwasher ka paani types coffee and the conversations over it.
    whoever thought i’d miss that filthy poisonous broth now huh? πŸ˜€


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