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La Bella

This is part of a continuing series on food in NID. Here’s Part 1: Mess food and Part 2: Jamalpur. So, to begin where we left off –

When the mess food would grow increasingly poisonous, we would escape to another favorite place: La Bella.


This humble place in Khanpur Lal Darwaza was (is? let me know) a haven which cured many an appetite tired of the tasteless campus food.


It was popular with students of all sorts, and we would often meet friends who had escaped with the same idea.


La Bella is run by Aunty, an old Goan lady and Anna, her helper.  With no other help, and in this dim little kitchen, she would prepare the mouthwatering food that some of us truly dreamed about.


Our favorite dishes were mutton dry chilli fry, mutton masala, chicken masala, pork vindaloo, mutton cutlets and the delish fruit salad.




19 thoughts on “La Bella

  1. sarit says:

    Good one Sunandini… brings in a lot of old memories. Also, can’t forget the caramel custard.. the only dessert that aunty used to serve 🙂


  2. Priyankar says:

    Brilliant..the coca cola graffiti outside and labella written in a weird font is still there…that’s another pilgrimage for most of us..I miss the pork..she doesnt make these days due to problem of getting pork in the muslim area!!God knows why such problem..becoz labella through out was there only …but her weal buffet thats the beef dish is still there…yummmmm!!!


  3. thanks all, this was a nostalgia trip for me too! and how COULD I forget caramel custard!!
    Ananya used to love Pork Vindaloo…I guess I’m just glad that La Bella still exists!
    @Prashant: Helloom…it’s the bengali word for a tiger’s roar. 😉


  4. what? you use to get caramel custard there? i never knew… shes still here… although not many people from NID go there anymore… *sigh*

    sad business… people have turned to meatier pastures…

    i still like la bella, although i don’t visit aunty as often as i would like to… inteqab bhai is closer… 😛


  5. Jonak says:

    What are you doing Soo – so much torture I can bear no more. First Jams, now Labs… Brilliant though…
    The last picture would have looked richer with Sekhar on the right, although then the table would have become full of more plates. Also the guy’s tee shirt had the picture of the same chicken that he was devouring (as far as I can remember)
    Whats part 3? Irfaan bhai’s anda?


  6. sekhar says:

    buster kitten!!! the coca cola sign was inside the shop not outside…otherwise its very touching…sob sob…my litle gal aboni too loves he place:)


  7. @sekhar: haha the next generation is learning the taste!
    @jonak: irfan bhai is a good idea! coming soon.
    @anish: how can la bella be too far, it’s hardly 15 mins by rick!
    thanks for visiting, people.


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