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Revenge of the hairdresser








Update: Check out Viv’s drawing of the event here.


27 thoughts on “Revenge of the hairdresser

  1. lololol Thats EXACTLY what I say to the hair dresser and thats EXACTLY what my husband says after I get a haircut!! So now I’ve given up!! Welcome to the club!!!!

  2. Could you not stand on chair, shout Vande Mataram at the top of your voice, while brandishing his scissors in his face?

    And then explain it all away with saying that when he said whatever it is he said, you thought he was asking you if you knew how rani jhansi behaved 🙂 …

  3. jaypee says:


    creative people need no haircut,
    look for shortcut,if not you are not creative,,,,,,joking.
    you seem to be too good at this.


  4. viv says:

    Haha so true!! so true!!….on top of that, Soo was so shocked she forgot to ask for Student discount also 😦

  5. liz says:

    @Ekta – I could have written your comment! This happens to me EVERY time and my husband always tells me it looks just the same.

    I’ve also given up and am just going to grow my hair out until people think I’m a hippie.

  6. Anonymous says:

    @liz & Su -you think there are more women out there like us whose hair has a mind of its own? Perhaps we should form a club!!

  7. Men aren’t BLIND about haircuts…they are PRACTICAL. Once you get a haircut…you gotta live with it, like it or not! 😀

  8. Su says:

    Be happy that there was actually no difference!! I was recently at one of Mumbai’s Juice parlors and came back looking like a 3rd grade popstar… wanted to kill the stylist who was such a yap-pot and did a totally shitty job! The worst things was that my best friend took me to her saying that “She” was the best in town for short haircuts! Lesson learnt: best friends should never share their men, their gynaecologists and their hairdressers!

  9. @megha: alas my hair is some wierd shapeless mass now 😦
    @jedi: planning another one in a few weeks. have found another frisor already from friends!
    @viv: you have such little hair, it doesn’t matter what cut YOU get! but i agree with everyone else, there is a hairdressers’ conspiracy against us!
    @su: show your new haircut! sounds Fun! (and wise lesson learnt)

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