35 thoughts on “A Fish Tale

  1. jedi says:

    😐 first thing in the morning. hunger attacking now.
    i want that mustard fish, hmm ok. just the mustard will do πŸ˜€

  2. MONIKA says:

    U forgot the benagli’s first luv in maach..the Ilish maach…only if someone could teach me the trick to debone it

  3. T says:

    uff darun!
    eke phel, shob golpogulo eke phel.

    uff awesome!
    draw them, draw out all your stories]

    oh, and fish fish beeootifool fish
    come come i want you on my dish
    rui katla bhetki papda ilish

  4. blogerazzi says:

    Bherry funny :-). Incidentally i went fish shopping at CR Park and realised. It is a complicated exercise πŸ˜€

  5. Soo says:

    monika > if you look carefully, there are lots of ilish maach strewn around in all the drawings πŸ™‚ I love ilish maach, it’s the only fish i like!
    t > good one! did you make it yourself?
    bloggerazzi > that’s what happened to me – that would have been page 6! but i was too lazy (as usual) and left it out!
    prashant > this time i will!
    Whackonondo > maybe you should have a relationship with the maachchwala!!
    bloggerazzi > thanks! awesome! πŸ™‚

  6. tups says:

    abbe oye. don’t make fun of my fish frenzy… I still fondly remember the parshe maach bhaja at buti’s wedding. I want a maachhwala to have a relationship with… waaaa

  7. onkar says:

    very good one of the best.. although im a bit miffed abt throwing rui mach out of the window.. i was always arnd wasnt i? why couldnt you throw out some other fish.. like tangra mach

  8. Meenakshi says:

    wonderful Blog..

    i keep coming back for more..

    its a long time since u have updated…
    not really a loooong time,but tiime seems to strech over when one is waiting for something..

    keep drawing…njoy life..

    best wishes!

  9. Ruchita says:

    hey soo

    u do’t know me but i keep checkin out ur blog(s) every now n again.

    thought u might like this site http://www.1001journals.com about travelling journals that ppl keep filling up

    kee bloggin! πŸ™‚


    (i’m a 2002 batch exhibition designer frm nid in case u were wonderin)

  10. David Airey says:

    Hi Soo,

    Dropping by to say hello, and to applaud you on your drawings.

    I hope all’s well over there.

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  14. Xu yaomin says:

    baangaalir praan maach maach ar maach chobi dekhe anondo holo

    Xu Yaomin
    (Ex resident of Bentick street now in Bangalore)

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