16 thoughts on “The one and only Parsa

  1. Zainab > i’ll tell you the whole story sometime. reshmy, aditi dhar, rahul das, parsa and i were roommates after the earthquake you know. arpita was also there for some months.
    Megha > i just hope so 😉 i don’t think he has seen this yet!!


  2. sharat chandra parsa says:

    Hey su, thanks for the bday gift, its a great gesture from a great friend like you. You have immortalised me in time. thanks all for the bday wishes from others.


  3. Nishtha says:

    @Soo – its damn cool how you can use your skills to communicate/unwind/express/etc etc.

    @ Parsa – belated Happy B’day! 🙂


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