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the story of us, part 1

There are some of you who already know this story. And there are some other friends who don’t. So this is for them!

Dec, 2003 (a few months before we got married)

(to be continued tomorrow)


12 thoughts on “the story of us, part 1

  1. Dibhai says:

    “Bestest”? That’s Bun’s invention. I like it when our language propagates amongst friends! Loving the blog. Yes, you are the bestesttestbest – I am still trying to figure out how I got to be your Dibhai. Hompus, Dibhai


  2. Bun says:

    Don’t quite know why/how I got so lucky and acquired/got bestowed with this wonderful family;-)
    Carry on and lots of simpuses,
    Soo, Koks, Mi, Thi, Minnu, Pips, my Shashurhees, and all the others that come with them 😀


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