18 thoughts on “For Bombay, our Mumbai

  1. Su…I rarely see color in your drawings but the use of red in this is very powerful. I almost can’t keep my eyes on it for too long. Horrible!


  2. Nigel says:

    I hate the need for this to have been made. I hate the loss. I hate the grief. I hate the lunacy.

    Most of all – I hate the helplessness.


  3. Monica says:

    I know I almost want to take a gun myself and kill all the politicians in public. why they kill innocent people, I will never understand.

    I didnt know you used colors and now that I see them being used, I almost wish that the sad event and the related use of color in inktales never happened.

    God bless the commandos and the marines who get paid peanuts to make our lives secure and to hell with our politicians who take away my tax INR and make impregnable fortresses for themselves and let innocent people die every month

    Im so angry that Ive eaten tons out of despair :((


  4. I hope, and pray, we can all use this anger to churn out some positive and proactive actions by ourselves instead of it dying out in the oft prevailing breeze of cynicism and lethargy …(as it often happens with me..)


  5. zainab says:

    I think everyone of us has started the day with a feeling of anger and helplessness and slept with the same feeling for three days.
    when i reflected upon it i realised that each one of us is just adding to the anger that made someone commit this act of terror. Maybe if each one us focuses on taking control of our anger and spreading love to each and everyone around us there will be a time when the world will be able to overcome terrorism.
    From the way I look at it, overcoming anger seems to be a more difficult thing to do than venting out anger. but its a challenge that each one of us needs to take up to create the environment that we all long for.


  6. Joshi says:

    To accept, recognize and be terrified of what has happened, is helping those who wish to terrify us through this pathetic and inhuman act, be successful.
    As much as I feel sorry for those innocent victims, I refuse to acknowledge this atrocious act.
    In future if such acts happen, these sick bastards should be caught alive, flogged in public, neutered, skinned alive, hung outside the gateway of India, sprinkled with salt and left to be fed by dogs and vultures, and a television channel should broadcast this image day and night. On further thoughts, they should not be left to die. Just on the brink of death, they should be medicated, and made better entirely. They should be made fit and healthy again. Then they should be punished with the same punishment again, and again, for the same number of times, as the number of innocent people they have killed.
    And after they have been tortured this way for the number of people they have killed, they should be sent back to their own countries, with hands, feet and tongues chopped off, as a symbol of what real “terror” is.
    Terrorize the terrorist. Terrorize the act of becoming a terrorist. Only then shall they think a million times before picking up that gun and aiming it at an innocent life.
    To begin with, lets not get terrorized or scared by what has happened. Let not the fear take over us and let them succeed.
    Lets sharpen our skinning knives.
    Lets not just light candles in front of the Gateway for those innocent people, who should have been with us today. Let us not just shred tears. Lets prepare with an attitude that such things, just don’t ever repeat.

    Lets preserve humanity for those who are worthy of human kindness. There will be a day to be kind and nice again. But for now, we have an example to set. Unfortunately, its not the best sort of example to create. But yet, it must be done.

    Lets sharpen the skinning knives.


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