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5 days in California

Inspired by my ten years of inktales, I decided to religiously draw every day. Here are some drawings from a trip I took last week, flying from New Delhi to San Fransisco for work.

I took an Air India flight for the first time, and it wasn’t impressive. However my travel companions were really interesting to draw.

At the immigration counter in San Fransisco, my employer and the software that I work on, always turn out to be magic names, no credit to me 🙂


And the most surprising of all, the driver of the shuttle that I took from the airport was a native Aramaic speaker.  It sounded like a beautiful language.

I was lucky enough to meet my friend Lekha – our trips overlapped by a few hours. By the fountains we caught up with our lives. Thank you America.





Unbox Conference, Day 2, 2

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Unbox Day 1, 2

Unbox Day 2, 1

A classical guitar performance by Shyamant Behal


Richard Van der Laken & Pepijn – What design can do

Archana Prasad – Jaaga


Nitesh Mohanty – The Root

Unbox Conference