Life, sketchbook

To new beginnings


This is what 2018 looks like in my life. Almost 8 journals finished, though there were days and weeks when I couldn’t bring myself to draw. It’s natural sometimes when going through moments of great change, that it takes a while before you find yourself again.

In between all the drawing life unfolded. And in September we moved to Hyderabad, where I started a new job with Microsoft, as one of their design leaders of Microsoft Edge (the browser). Now sixty days in we’re still settling down and coming to terms with a new city and new people.



If you’re around, don’t hesitate to hit me up!


USID2010 day 3

Day 3 began with a talk by Prof MP Ranjan, who taught us at NID, on Socio-cultural public interfaces:

Other speakers on day 3 were Sree Unnikrishnan of Google India (Act local, imp-act global) and Asim Waqif, artist and faculty at School of Planning & Architecture, SPA (Isolation of the user from contemporary design practice).


USID2010 Sketchbook, day 1

I was lucky to hear Bill Buxton talk at the USID2010 conference a few days ago. He spoke on Natural User Interfaces (NUI) for emerging markets. It was amazing, as I expected, and I even got him to sign my copy of Sketching User Experiences!


Another great speaker from day 1 was Santosh Desai, author of the book Mother Pious Lady, among other things. He spoke about how we Indians are dealing with aspects of modernity and the social structures that aid us in this.


Unfortunately I wasn’t able to access the internet during the conference and fell behind on the daily posts. But since I was drawing continuously, there are more posts coming up!