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Fire Fire

I have a terrible problem replicating the spontaneity of my sketches in the final art. Somehow they always end up being really stiff and contrived.
Look at this film Fire Fire for example. This is how I visualized the film’s treatment –

And this is how the final film really looks –
Which one do you really like?


10 thoughts on “Fire Fire

  1. lusi says:

    you know what? at the first one the fire is a lot more expressive. And seems to be more dangerous for the persons that are there, (they are smaller about the fire at the 1st one too, and that makes a big difference)

    i like your blog!! and i really enjoy your posts asking for an opinion, i want to see how others think! (also is an opportunity for practicing my english ) jaja 😉


  2. Manu Sharma says:

    I like the first one too. The fire is much more intimidating there and you can see the flowers being taken in by the flames.


  3. Gini says:

    You are quite the artist. Which one do I like better,The first one seems more wholesome but like the yellow background in the second one-makes the flames pop.


  4. fhorganbiscaia says:

    I really like both! For me the fire is woderful on the first one and the shadows look beautiful on the second..any way you have amazing drawings!


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