Save as Rant!

Wish I could throw out all the men in my life!!! Someone said what if there was a world without men? No crime and lots of happy fat women! (No sense of humour today)


14 thoughts on “Save as Rant!

  1. jedi says:

    why are the angels partially bald? these are them those who become such coz they died after they lost all hair?
    i dont want to be such angel as them those.

    btw kick the ass of the guy who wants to chat all night.

  2. jedi says:

    btw its easy to put a man on a row of crosses and then expect him to take a pick. its precarious enough that he has to use both hands to remain stable. plus he is already charred by some past experience!

  3. Venks says:

    Hey soo thanx for the comment tht was soo sweet….suddenly chanced upon ur very nice scribbly girly cartoons…nice work….do u draw them urself ??

  4. Soo says:

    venks > No, actually I have a pet goldfish who churns out these drawings by the dozen 😛
    Of course I do it myself!!!!

  5. partly cloudy says:

    :D, yellow food, :)))!!!

    guy (to guy friend): you know this guy said that and my boss did that and that guy is an asshole and this woman is so dominating and ….

    guy (to girl) : women gossip too much.


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