Life, in drawings


After a day of retail therapy.  





I draw everyday but there’s just no time to scan and make a beautiful post. So here is the raw drawing.   
And happy Diwali everyone! 

Words have been heavily mixing

An app called Memoir reminds me of things I did, or thought, on social media, on this day in the past. A nostalgic exercise, no doubt, but also a reminder of some of my past selves.

memoir app

Embrace the alien within


My Year of Spirituality

My year of spirituality{Last year I suddenly realized that I was doing well in most respects of life except one. Of course I did what any self-respecting hipster would do: promptly download a meditation app and a couple of spirituality podcasts. And I thought: Yay! I will be spiritual by the end of the year. It’s amazing how these things happen – my friend Indira sent me a spirituality book out of the blue. “The Places That Scare You” by Pema Chödrön. I knew it! The universe really wanted me to be spiritual! And then something happened. I got pregnant! After the initial disbelief, I must say that it was this most commonplace phenomenon that really helped to open my eyes and perceive the wonderful, magical, beauty of creation. Anteater: God you can’t attribute everything to pregnancy – I still believe that the iPhone is the surest path to spirituality.”}

And yes I had my son earlier this year and we have both survived his early life.

Life on the wall


The empty space

A couple of months ago we lost our beloved Dida, our mothers’ mother. When I lose someone from my life, I have a ritual of committing to paper all the memories before they grow dim in my mind. This is one of those ritual drawings.

For all the cousins: Rishi, Ribhu, Reshmi, Ruby, Nikon, Bimbo, Josh-da, Mishti-di, Babun-da, Pushan-da, Raja-da, Ruchi-di, Rinku-di, Badshah-da and Tupshi.


Bengali words

Hall-ghar: the big room, literally the hall
Adda: A gathering for gossip, among other things. Wikipedia definition
Taash: cards
Kodbel: A fruit
Putiram: a sweet shop
Eecha: A sweet made with coconut in the shape of prawns from East Bengal
Cheet: A gur candy probably invented by my Dida
Patla Dal with kaalo jeera: Watery dal made in the East Bengal way
Daler Bora, Daler Paturi: Dishes made with lentils, from East Bangal
Mourala Maachch: Tiny fish from the Bay of Bengal

The brother summer


Like medicine after death



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