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My Year of Spirituality

My year of spirituality{Last year I suddenly realized that I was doing well in most respects of life except one. Of course I did what any self-respecting hipster would do: promptly download a meditation app and a couple of spirituality podcasts. And I thought: Yay! I will be spiritual by the end of the year. It’s amazing how these things happen – my friend Indira sent me a spirituality book out of the blue. “The Places That Scare You” by Pema Chödrön. I knew it! The universe really wanted me to be spiritual! And then something happened. I got pregnant! After the initial disbelief, I must say that it was this most commonplace phenomenon that really helped to open my eyes and perceive the wonderful, magical, beauty of creation. Anteater: God you can’t attribute everything to pregnancy – I still believe that the iPhone is the surest path to spirituality.”}

And yes I had my son earlier this year and we have both survived his early life.

Life on the wall


The empty space

A couple of months ago we lost our beloved Dida, our mothers’ mother. When I lose someone from my life, I have a ritual of committing to paper all the memories before they grow dim in my mind. This is one of those ritual drawings.

For all the cousins: Rishi, Ribhu, Reshmi, Ruby, Nikon, Bimbo, Josh-da, Mishti-di, Babun-da, Pushan-da, Raja-da, Ruchi-di, Rinku-di, Badshah-da and Tupshi.


Bengali words

Hall-ghar: the big room, literally the hall
Adda: A gathering for gossip, among other things. Wikipedia definition
Taash: cards
Kodbel: A fruit
Putiram: a sweet shop
Eecha: A sweet made with coconut in the shape of prawns from East Bengal
Cheet: A gur candy probably invented by my Dida
Patla Dal with kaalo jeera: Watery dal made in the East Bengal way
Daler Bora, Daler Paturi: Dishes made with lentils, from East Bangal
Mourala Maachch: Tiny fish from the Bay of Bengal

The brother summer


Like medicine after death




The cold fish in your stomach

You know how you’re always looking for the book to change your life? Maybe this wonderful book “A Tale for the Time Being” didn’t change my whole life, but there were parts of the book that I really liked.


Here’s the thing

The first post to star my (in)famous cousins, the defining influence of our teenage years.
Podcast link

What charm, indeed?



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