Life, sketchbook

Tomorrow is our permanent address

While going through my archives, I found these pages from a 2004 journal. The brown boy and I had just gotten married, and I was resisting all the extended family’s combined pressure on me to start propagating the species.

In this angry book it seems that while I did not want to have a baby, I knew all about the details of bearing one. What a know-it-all I was.



10 years of inktales

The other day this blog inktales completed 10 years. That’s one of the longest relationships I’ve ever had.

inktales started as a way to share my sketchbooks to my friends living elsewhere, bang in the middle of web 2.0 where blogging was becoming popular. Drawings moved from these 98 sketchbooks (2002-2016) to the 540 posts (2006-2016) on this blog. After a few years I even had a guide to inktales.

Now there are close to 1000 fans on Facebook, people I don’t even know, and even my parents and sundry extended family see my drawings on inktales. So thank you for all the appreciation, it’s very humbling.



Life, sketchbook

Getting where we’re going




[Sometimes in the living of every day

I often forget about the life of it

the intentionality, “the composing of the life”

that I once set out to do. The daily bustle,

that once emerged from me –

often swallows me up

until all I can do is hold on for dear life

to banal rituals

so that I don’t lose myself.]

Title: John Brehm

For pacificleo.