Missing friends

I had such a great group of friends in NID – I’ve really missed that since I started working. People change, times change, we all move on with our lives. I don’t think that I will make such strong and intimate friends again…
This is a poster I painted in my last few days at NID, when I was sharing a flat with Reshmy, Rahul Das, Duh and Parsa. The three main faces are (T-B) Ananya, Reshmy and me. Over Ananya’s shoulder is Duh laughing. Rahul Das looks out from a window over my head and Angela is floating up the stream near the bottom. Thanks, guys for all the great times!

Photo inks, Jan 2002.


5 thoughts on “Missing friends

  1. Anonymous says:

    Bollywood film poster with 3 women playing the lead characters.
    Quite Stylish.
    Excellent color work



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