Friday Blues

The UPS blew in Viv’s office, and all the guys are now in Dilli Haat, eating momos and fruit beer! And I wish I was there! I just had the most boring lunch of my life, with the most boring women god has ever created! The guys are a very closed clique here in Delhi, people are not as open as they are in Bombay. Sometimes I have lunch alone just to give myself a break!
Actually from now on that’s what I’ll do.

This is my softboard at work. There’s a postcard of a Jamini Roy painting and another of Picasso’s. They remind of my home in Calcutta and of my childhood. The Picasso used to hang on the front landing as you enter. My mother had a very similar Jamini Roy print in her room. I think she still has it.
The desk calendar I bought from a tiny old shop in CP. It’s “Royal revelry in Indian Miniatures”. It’s fun to see what people in those days did to enjoy themselves :)! June shows a royal lady entertaining her friend, with musicians. I wonder how the friend arrived, with so much midriff showing!

I drew this last night…words rolling off your body and petering away to nothing. Delhi babes are incredibly bitchy and stupid!


3 thoughts on “Friday Blues

  1. Anonymous says:

    How i wish i could see the words rolling off your body. Many random words is the only thing i could read. Anyways Good work!!



  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh!! Thanx. Or else i would have spoiled my sight. By the way I was referring to the female in the pic if you happened to think otherwise. Simply put, i was just wondering what’s so much for a Delhi babe to bitch about(Making Fuss out of nothing at all ?).



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