You choose

Here are some style options for a children’s story book. The brief is cute and friendly but fresh. So which option do you think I should go with?

Option 3
Option 2

Option 1

Please post a comment and help me choose!

10 thoughts on “You choose

  1. Anonymous says:

    From a child’s point of view, I’d prefer Option 2 coz it’s more expressive, what say Soo??


  2. tups says:

    i like option 1 too… i’ve encouraged ma to comment on your blog, you think she will? 🙂

  3. Fingers says:

    i like option 3 , it’s fresh and cheerful and new …but i’m missing some background in it…

  4. Soo says:

    Thanks, people. The client went with Option 1! His focus group also liked that one!
    >>Fingers – I liked option 3 as well, but I think it still needs some work, and yes, backgrounds.

  5. tungstengreen says:

    option 1 is a very fresh style, though i really liked the option 3 characters.
    wud luv to see the book soon…!

  6. david raphael israel says:

    Option 1 has medium complexity; option 3 has low complexity; option 2 has high complexity. I think the client made a decent choice. Though in point of fact, any of the 3 could be put to good use. (Depending on what’s made of the characters, something good could come from any of ’em no doubt.) I guess I like the p.o.v. of the option 1 image — cinematic. 😉


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