10 thoughts on “Unforeseen Affection

  1. kookiejar says:

    Pretty interesting cover!…. wish there was a bit of ink splatter somewhere! ;D
    Really liked The ‘we’re talking’ piece……. does it say ‘vote din’?!!… ha ha…… nice work!
    n thanks for the frank feedback on character design….. i agree it’s too bugs bunny-ish at the moment…..working on developing something definitely more original than this…….


  2. Parag N says:

    Hi !
    very interesting …makes me feel to peep inside the book !
    perhaps thats what makes it interesting 🙂

    oops ! this is parag
    Cheers !


  3. Soo says:

    t> The book is a collection of telegu feminist poetry…rather literally translated by Mr Rao! How far out can you get!
    Parag> Nice to see you here! Where have you been?
    Kookiejar> Will keep a lookout for your new characters 🙂


  4. Tinky Toinkers says:

    hyuck :D:D:D Jedi said it. but interesting cover.
    you know, hide the name of the translator and it just might sell.


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