9 thoughts on “I’ve been reading

  1. kookiejar says:

    then who’s been sketching?!! ……. ha ha…… nice loose lines……. why dont you colour it?


  2. 2danimator says:

    wow! i like your blog too. give me that hand drawn artwork any day. let’s keep each other inspired.


  3. Soo says:

    Alina> You got it:) Reading makes me happy…and then drawing about it!
    2daimator> Yes, good idea! Let’s start a dialogue in drawings!
    Blau> Thank you!
    Kookiejar> You mean on photoshop?


  4. kookiejar says:

    Colour it by any medium……. as long as it retains the freedom in the sketch. I think watercolour would be good for this…… not very detailed…… but just a wash with a few bold strokes here n there…….


  5. Fabián Mezquita says:

    Tus dibujos son hermosos, me gustan mucho….
    Amo tu pais que nos dio a Gandhi, el amado Bapu…..
    Te mando un gran saludo de Argentina….


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