6 thoughts on “Life is full of compromises…

  1. jedi says:

    @soo: technical issue- people who dont take baths dont sweat much, if not at all. 😀
    and what was the compromise. who;s doing the compromise here. the queen or the popat king?


  2. Soo says:

    jedi > what r u saying! Pppl who don’t take baths r just lazy, it doesn’t imply that they dont sweat etc etc!!!!
    IT’s the queen who’s doing the compromise, obviously 😀 she moved to delhi, she changed her job, she moved to gurgaon….:)I think she’s eligible to throw many tantrums to make up for all these compromises!!!


  3. Kaizer says:

    Hey! i chanced upon your blog through diligent candy’s.

    I see your favourite Music includes Bach And mozart. I too like to listen to Bach.

    maybe we could exchange notes (musical ones too).

    i am into telecom myself.

    i leave the onus of getting in touch with you. Candy has my email id.

    Have a super day.


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