Happy Cat

In college I made friends with this sweet looking boy from my hometown. He said his father owned a sweet shop, so we all loved him, hoping for some sweets along the years. We called him Happy Cat and he was everybody’s darling.

In our last year, Cappy (short form of – you guess it) became my room mate. I still hoped for the sweets. One day when I had gone to visit my parents his mother came along to my house with many boxes of sweets. Innocently I asked her “Oh is that from your sweet shop?” She looked at me blankly. “We run an export -import business,” she said.

Anyway I took those sweets back with me. That was also the last I saw of them, the selfish pig!

We finished college moved on with our lives, I lost touch with Cappy as he went off to do masters at UCLA .

He popped up on Yahoo Messenger the other day. He was in a crisis with women as usual. at the end of our conversation he gently reminded me that it was his birthday (And it was the first time I had forgotten!)


6 thoughts on “Happy Cat

  1. Diligent Candy says:

    moral of the story: sweet-looking people don’t normally own sweet shops! …that makes no sense, but your post did…you are surely also the most talented…


  2. Rahul says:

    I never knew of this interchange between my mom and you. Wow!
    Funny thing is, I have hardly had sweets for almost seven years now- ever since I came in here.
    My heart’s all fuzzy now. Thanks so much for this.


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