14 thoughts on “Twitter’s taking over

  1. he he . awesome . good to see you back . BTW have you realised that you used only 145-6 character to write in this post. you might as well could have tweeted about it . 🙂


  2. @Paavani: thanks for the RT on Twitter!
    @Prashant,@Rockus: You guys are my champions!
    @Diligent Candy: Oh yes, I have to cut down!
    @Pushpen: thanks for visiting my blog!


  3. stauciuc says:

    well, the first step is to admit it, so you’re on the right track now!

    you can do it, Soo, we know you can!
    let us know if we can help! I’m here if you ever want to tell small irrelevant things in person!


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