17 thoughts on “Ode to my phone

  1. Mansi says:

    Hehehehe…too cute!! but condolences on ur loss! My phone is as old, so i understand the attachment

  2. Awwwwwww……so cute!!!!!!! I will miss the QQ penguins…why dont you rescue them?? LOVE the phone sketches and your EVIL expression in IBIBO!
    (but why NOKIA again?????? :P)


  3. Reshmi says:

    Adi had a N70 and I’m sure both of us can identify with the initial sketches of the problems you faced!!
    Glad inktales is back!

  4. stauciuc says:

    I like how you took a photo of the entire notebook for this post, not just the drawings. Nice touch, it fits the theme well!

  5. hehehe… i like it… though.. sorry for your N70… that was a cool phone… your phone had the dual cam or D’s? I remember you guys talking how helpful it is to you to fix your hair etc. 😉

  6. Can I make a few points?

    (A) I have no sympathies for you on this. I mean a person getting fixated on a Nokia phone, for God’s sake! Oh! NOW the entire Scandinavian fixation is clear to me!

    (B) Recording secret video/audio when no one was looking…. Oooooh! I am thrilled to bits! So what saucy secret stuff have we got there? “Rahul Razdan yap on some UI etc…” Yawwwwnnn! Any self-respecting phone would have committed suicide on its own :-p



  7. @sebi: hmm interesting point! i was telling soo why it WASNT formatted like the older posts…. but you have a point there!!!

  8. Prashant: I got a N79. love it!
    Sebi: yes, i like the treatment! don’t have the time to crop and stuff.
    Rahul:The iPhone doesn’t do half the things I need…and I can’t even afford to use GPRS while I’m a student…so whats the point of buying an iPhone? plus i couldn’t even afford it without a contract!
    And you wait and see, I have a whole bunch of secret videos that I can use when I think the time is right 🙂 {evil grin}

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