4 thoughts on “More Food and Drink

  1. Vesna Maldaner says:

    my name is Vesna Maldaner and I am a swedish journalist working for Malmö University.
    They want me to make an interview with you. It will be published at Malmö University website.
    Please answer AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, I have a very, very tight deadline!
    I would really appriciate if you could answer my questions already during this friday (4th of march).

    These are the questions:

    – What did you like about your education Interaction design in Sweden at Malmö Högskola?
    – What was the most important thing?
    – Tell me something more about some hands-on moment that you liked?
    – Did you cooperate with an external actor during your education?
    – What are you doing today? Work/study – with what?
    – In what way do you have any use/benefit of your education at Malmö Högskola in your life/job/studies today? Can you use the skills you learned? In what way?
    – Can you say something about the environment/surroundings/ambience at Malmö Högskola? Good? Bad? Why?
    – Why did you return to your country? Why didn´t you stay in Sweden?
    – Did you like studying in Sweden and at Malmö högskola? Why?

    Finally, do you have a couple of photos of you that we can use for this interview? Please send them to me.

    Many thanks and hope hearing from you very soon,
    Vesna Maldaner, journalist
    mobile: +46 (0)70 308 66 35


  2. koltesagar says:

    Is this the Cafe Churchill in Colaba, Mumbai?
    The last sketch reminds me of Britannia Lunch Home, Mumbai.


  3. Yes, it’s Cafe Churchill in Colaba. Achcha, the last sketch may be from there, I remember the Beri Pulao (?) at Britannia was awesome.


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