Calm in the air, part 3, Silent Valley and Alapuzzha

Part 1, Calm in the air

Part 2, Kochi and Silent Valley

So, on to part 3 of the now-long forgotten Kerala holiday.

We didn’t do much more in Silent valley, except go on a safari. Here’s a place which reminded me of Spirited Away.


We also saw a couple of animals (I drew these from memory, so they may not be true to life).


Then we went on to Alaphuzzha, or Aleppy as it was called in English, a few hours away by car. It was all about the backwaters, tapioca chips and coconuts.


19-sketchbook-keralaYes, the retreating monsoons, my sketchbook. Happy Kerala-ing.

Part4 tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “Calm in the air, part 3, Silent Valley and Alapuzzha

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  3. You have very nice illustrations, Soo.

    SoundEagle would like to give you one suggestion: use individual letters in your sentences, and avoid using cursive handwriting so as to make your commentaries much more legible. 🙂


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