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Calm in the air, part 4, Lake Vembanad

Calm in the air | Calm in the air, Kochi and Silent Valley | Calm in the air, Silent Valley and Alapuzzha

We took a local ferry from Aleppy to Kottayam, on Lake Vembanad. It was absolutely breathtaking.
The ferry would stop at these villages, every few minutes or so – just like bus stops – and people would get on and off. To tourists like me who’d never been to Kerala it was really new.
We passed hundreds of houseboats, and here is Anirudh telling us to read an article about Kerala later on –
And there were tons of birds – and I kept drawing and drawing trying to capture their motion
And amid all this beauty, someone was snoozing away


7 thoughts on “Calm in the air, part 4, Lake Vembanad

  1. I love these ferries ..there are the larger ones in which you can take your car onto the boat and get off at the next jetty 🙂 then once again take the road. Lovely sketches , Soo . Hope you had all the amazing food there


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  3. Ashish actually we didn’t plan to go to Kottayam either, but just landed up there. It’s worth returnng for another visit!
    Lekha & Kuriyan True Mallus liking the drawings counts as a lot! Thank you! And loved Kerala, will return again I think.


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