15 thoughts on “Been busy..

  1. jedi says:

    good stuff, in terms of design. but effectiveness as a alphabet book im not too sure, clutter. too many things. like A is i think aeroplane with a croc in the foreground. but e is elephant i gather. so unless someone sits with the kid and tells them what everthing in A is, i dont see how helpful it will be.

    illustration wise good stuff.


  2. jedi says:

    @soo: this is discrimination against kids who dont have parents or whose parents dont bother to spend time with them.
    and its a big demographic.
    plus in terms of design, how many kids would have really seen a crocodile or a lighthouse. i strongly object to this pandering to elite uberurban kids. education esp. such basic levels, must be accessible to all. i shall take this forward with the publisher.
    good bye.


  3. T says:

    i love the colours… will have to buy the book to look at illustrations full size. i think this book will do spendidly for gown-ups as well! (not implying that i’m a grown-up!)


  4. burf says:

    i second jedi

    i propose publishers give travel coupons to kids who wana see the lighthouse or crocodiles or whoever


  5. i-me-moi says:

    some day i wish you guys i know who are mad on creativity and trip on sketching would design a deck of tarot cards.

    wat say you?

    make them funny. make them wild. make them trippy. make them “oh so you”. but make them sometime and dedicate them to me. i will buy a deck i promise.


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