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These are some stills from my first film, Now…Here..Nowhere. It’s a 2 min 30 seconds animation film that I took about 2 years to complete! The film is about a man’s search for direction. I was thoroughly confused in my college days (though I didn’t know it then) and I guess the film was a reflection of my true state of mind.

I even wrote the soundtrack –

“I have traveled further than beyond
Through cities strange and known
Over trodden paths and foreign shores
Amidst crowds, all alone.
In quest of something I know not what
I search here and everywhere
I ask of people who show me routes
Over land, by sea, through air.
That pointing finger – where is it leading me?
To my dentist, my niece, my neighbor –
But will they show me what I want to see?
Shall I follow a stranger’s advice?
Will she tell me which way to go?
I pass through these deserted streets
In search of what I need to know.
Darkness – and then
A way out of my plight –
Do I dare ask the truth of my maker
Will he help me see the light?
But I leave empty-handed and this confusion carries me
on it’s own motley crowd of thought
and then I’m where I want to be
Why do I look for an answer?
Why don’t I just let things be?
The world’s full of questions, but maybe
I’ll find the answers in me!!”

Sometimes I’m amazed at how wise I used to be!


7 thoughts on “Now…Here…Nowhere

  1. T says:

    proudly declaring myself as one who witnessed the making of this film. all you lesser ones, await the podcast…muahahahahahahahaha


  2. Soo says:

    maybe I’ll upload it on youtube one of these days 🙂
    t> you’re also one of the first names in the acknowledgements list!!


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