Best friends

What is it about guys? They always know how to have fun! You put them in a tough situation, they’ll crack jokes about it, and then they’ll solve it! Why can’t women be like that? I’m not like that, but I would so love to be!
The last few years I’ve been hanging around with guys all the time. I got married (to a guy!) and since I started working , all my best friends have been men – Yatin, Anirudh and over here I’m friends with the whole gang!
I steer clear of women these days. They’re complicated and catty. In college I had the two best girl friends anyone could ever have. But I can’t share that same intimacy with anyone anymore. I’m not the same person. Girlfriends demand certain things, guys just let you be. So here’s to the Best guy friends ever!


5 thoughts on “Best friends

  1. jedi says:

    😀 just u wait till one of them boys purposes to u. then u’ll steer away from both bays and bais, and have secret blag with no name and will send mail to frens not to mensun ur name in blag. then u will find spirituality.


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