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Trip to Mcleodganj

A few weeks ago we took a tiny holiday and went to Mcleodganj in the hills where the Dalai Llama stays.

We were staying at Cloud’s End, a lovely estate between Dharmsala (the lower town) and Mcleodganj (the upper town)

Most of the days were spent hiking up to Mcleodganj.

These two monks spent most of their days in the cafes, we used to meet them every day

Then the monsoon arrived.

**bhajjias – potato fritters
**langurs – monkeys

**It was Lord Dalhousie I think, not Elgin.

Then I stopped drawing.


5 thoughts on “Trip to Mcleodganj

  1. Darling don’t you know..Kasol is the new dharamshala. But the wandering musicians & impromptu concerts that dharamshala had are still not to be found there. I guess not every place has the same appeal. But the peace and quiet that has gotten tamed by the swimming pool can actually be found there…check kasol out next time you’re headed to the hills.


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