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Men and women

I’m lucky that some of my best friends are empathetic, inclusive, generous and kind human beings. They usually take a lot of pains to show that they are not, by the way, but sometimes their views on women are so illuminating to me simply because of their gender.

“Women and babies: They take all the opportunities (given to them) and squeeze everything they can out of them.”

“Probably they don’t feel as entitled as men,” qualified the brown boy.

But they are always, always, more intellectual, says Pacificleo, having tried to become one himself just for dates during his social butterfly youth.

Ladies, do you agree? Do you squeeze everything you can out of opportunities? Maybe we do it sub-consciously, I never feel like I do anything with opportunities! But I am clearly intellectual, at least!


One thought on “Men and women

  1. Agreed — intellectual, you are 🙂

    IMHO, most of our behavior is of primal origin and is sub-conscious. It does not inspire immediate confidence to know that the latter cannot be controlled consciously. However, we can, nay, we must strive consciously to be team players when it comes to the genders. The book Sapiens, delves on this topic and is worth a read. Unfortunately, there are no straight answers in there. Or may be it is not unfortunate, but just the way it is with such complex topics!
    Anything that induces introspection is a good discussion/read.


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