An app called Olinda

Do you want to announce your baby’s birth on the Statue of Liberty? Do you want to display your beautiful digital artwork on the Taj Mahal? How can you make sure that you do something different for those special times? This app Olinda will let you do that.

If you like the idea please sign up on the Olinda site.


A bunch of friends helped me out – my friends Anitha Balachandran, Vivekananda, Arjun Rajagopal, Prashant Singh, Rukminee Guha Thakurta, Lolita Bhaduri, my cousin Nikon, my colleagues Subbiah Pillai, Sumit Dey and Saibal Datta, and the soundtrack is a cover version of The Beatles’ I Will sung by Shannon Victor Peter.


I usually do not post my design work on inktales, but this is a side project that I’m really excited about. So if you like it, do sign up – it will help me get investment to take it further.]