The Snooty Kitten

This is one book that may never get published.

There was once a very snobbish kitten who lived on a farm. He considered himself too good for the rest of the animals so he never used to make friends with them. He thought the hens and the rooster were too noisy, the cows too docile and the goose too stupid. One day while walking near the pond, the kitten got entangled in a fishing net left carelessly and fell into the water. He struggled hard to free himself, but only got more and more wrapped up in the net. All the other animals stood around and watched. None of them wanted to help the unfriendly little kitten. Meanwhile the kitten was slowly going under. Suddenly the goose jumped in, and with his long beak he managed to free the kitten from the net, and bring him to the edge of the water.
The kitten realised that friends are the ones who help when you really need them.

I co-authored this (childish and simple) story one afternoon with a guy called Paul.