On the Metro, hairdos and some

Most of the women that I see on the metro have long hair, but these ladies really stood out.

Sometimes there are women who spend their commute doing something else other than on the phone. Here’s a girl who was reading a religious text and chanting throughout her journey.


This girl spent the journey staring at her reflection on the window behind me. I forgave her, she had just lost a gold ring.


Women on the Delhi Metro, part 2

The mobile phone is surely the lifeline of commuters everywhere. Here’s a girl gossiping on the phone while her neighbor is engrossed in eating a bhutta (corn) even though eating is not allowed on the Metro.

She’s drinking juice while talking on the phone –

While this girl is talking on a phone held to her ear and watching a video on another one in her hand!

*(OH: You’re so jealous of my happiness)

I would draw the women at 6 pm than the ones at 7:45 anyday!

Part 1