Superbitch 2002


This is from an old sketchbook from 2002, when I was at my most cheeky self. Here’s the text, in case you want to read:

When I’ll be a monster I’ll eat all your toes
Pull your hair out, bite off your nose
Never say sorry, and certainly not thank you
Stamp on your feet, and kick your bum too.
When I’ll be an ogre I’ll pinch your cheeks red
Stab you with pins till you wish you were dead
Starve you to insanity, bore you to tears –
When you send me an SOS, then I’ll be saying cheers!

If wishes were horses, then I would be queen
I would be king, too, and anything in between
I’ll make my own rules and break them if I please,
and if you want something, dear, get down on your knees!
I’ll own the whole country, I’ll own the whole world
I’ll have the whole nation come begging to me –
and I will be queen, so there!