drawing, Life, sketchbook

Why I draw

[Hammers in my head. Such a temptation at these times to drown into meaningless virtual worlds for short term highs…]

[But the scourge of the blank page must be tamed, issues must be faced, demons must be encountered.]

[A great opportunity to be compassionate to yourself. And by the time you’re done, you have delivered yourself from the abyss.]

Life, sketchbook

Nothing comes easy

Soo: I’ve been trying different things this year.
Anteater: Hmm…
Soo: Trying to get out of my comfort zone
Anteater: Whoa…
Anteater: Ouch!
Soo: It’s ok I can handle it
Soo: Eventually I’ll find a balance.
Anteater: And the rest of us, we have to be patient…