16 thoughts on “just one of those days

  1. Monica says:

    Soo: I love the first masala chai reference and the expression.

    PS: It should be accept PayPal donations badge πŸ˜› Kiva is only for p2p microfinance payments and to be used to help the poor.


  2. viv says:

    I would have looooved to have donated for your scanner but now that the strands of hair on my head have been reduced to TWO STRANDS!!!! (from 3)I cannot possibly entertain such donation demands…HRRMPH!


  3. Sri says:

    Viv: do shram daan or Paisa daan.. not baal daan…

    Soo: Sooperb.. loved the first and the last one.. wish u luck with donation campaign. Y don’t you hire / contact Obama (who is also on the browner side)



  4. d says:

    viv…u are so right, the woman has reduced them to 2 now… i guess as she claims that she is balding so wants to join the gang!!!


  5. Thanks for all the contribution offers, everyone.
    Fingers> come and see me on your way back to india πŸ™‚ then you’ll see!
    monica> love paypal, but can I link my debit card to it?
    viv> haha next time i may make you bald! the pen is mighty πŸ˜€
    sri > thanks a ton πŸ™‚ I will mail obama – he helps oppressed people πŸ˜‰
    D> you guessed it πŸ˜€


  6. nityan says:

    HOOOO eees asked you to go study tuk-tuk in Sweedan, mashima? Quitely come back now, I shall make you a nice meal.
    Eat well, get chubbier, walkabout a lot etc, but are you coming back soon?


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